Tel Aviv Psychiatrist Yehuda Baruch to be charged with having sex with a patient Ex-psychiatric Hospital Chief Faces Charges of Sex With Patient Doctor admits to affair with young woman who had been admitted after a suicide attempt ■ former patient had an abortion after becoming pregnant by him By Revital Hovel January 22, 2018 The former head of a Tel Aviv-area psychiatric hospital is to be charged, […]

Yehuda Baruch, Israeli Psychiatrist, Former Director of Psychiatric Hospital, Accused of Sexually Abusing Suicidal Patient

Haaretz Former Director of Israeli Psychiatric Hospital Accused of Sexually Abusing Suicidal Patient Ronny Linder-Ganz, Ido Efrati and Sharon Pulwer May 08, 2016 A female patient at Abarbanel Psychiatric Hospital has accused the hospital’s former director of sexually abusing her while she was his patient. Maya Berger, 27, wrote a letter to Health Minister Yaakov […]