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November 4, 1999, Thursday, AM cycle

Psychiatrist suspended for sexual misconduct with patient

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A psychiatrist who admitted to sexual misconduct with a female patient has been suspended from practicing for a year.
Dr. Mark Strecker admitted repeated “inappropriate touching or physical contact” with the woman, according to the ruling by the state Board of Medicine.
The board credited Strecker with owning up to his conduct.
Strecker, who formerly practiced in Manchester and at Charter Brookside Hospital in Nashua, is undergoing counseling himself, according to the board.
Strecker treated the woman from October 1996 until Jan. 16, 1998. At one point the woman suffered some sort of breakdown, in part due to her relations with Strecker, and was involuntarily committed to the state mental hospital for 10 days, the board said.
The woman’s other therapist, a psychologist, reported the matter to the board Aug. 3, 1998, the board said. After the board began to investigate the case, Strecker and the woman filed a joint statement outlining the case, which avoided the need for a hearing and ruling on the allegations.
The board conducted a disciplinary hearing Sept. 1 and issued its ruling Oct. 26.
The board revoked Strecker’s license for three years with two years suspended. It also said that once he resumes practicing, he won’t be allowed to see any female patients for the first year.
He also must continue with therapy and arrange for another doctor to supervise his work for three years.