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April 25, 2003, Friday, BC cycle

License suspended for psychiatrist charged with fraud

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A psychiatrist charged with writing unnecessary prescriptions for patients in exchange for cash has had his medical license suspended.
The Indiana Medical Licensing Board voted 3-2 Thursday to suspend Dr. Robert Yuhn’s license.
“Based on the facts of the criminal case, the board agreed that this individual posed an immediate danger to the public and agreed that there was enough evidence to support an immediate suspension of his license,” Attorney General Steve Carter said.
Yuhn’s license will be suspended for at least 90 days, Carter said.
No one answered the telephone Friday at Yuhn’s office in Elkhart or at his home. When he made his court appearance earlier this month, Yuhn pleaded innocent, saying: “I’m not a criminal. I work for the community.”
The Elkhart County Drug Task Force began investigating Yuhn last fall after receiving information that he was prescribing medication to patients without medical need with no examination, according to an affidavit filed by police.
An undercover officer saw Yuhn in late October and early November, receiving prescriptions for a pain killer and an anxiety drug, as well as samples of two antidepressants, the affidavit said.
If convicted, Yuhn could face up to six years in prison.