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May 10, 2011 Tuesday


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The following information was released by the office of the governor of Maine:
John Matt Dorn, M.D., had his license to practice medicine immediately and permanently revoked by the Board of Licensure in Medicine in a Consent Agreement signed on May 10, 2011. Dr. Dorns license had previously been suspended on April 12, 2011 after the Board concluded that Dr. Dorns continued practice of medicine presented an imminent threat to the safety of his patients. Dr. Dorn practices in Brunswick.
While not agreeing with all the facts, Dr. Dorn agreed that the Board had sufficient evidence from which it could reasonably conclude that he committed boundary violations with regard to his treatment of two patients and engaged in inappropriate conduct with a third patient by attempting to enter into a romantic and sexual relationship. In addition, Dr. Dorn agreed the Board could conclude that he failed to disclose pertinent information about a previous discipline on his application for licensure.
All Board disciplinary actions are reported to the National Practitioner Data Bank, the Health Integrity and Protection Data Bank, and the Federation of State Medical Boards Action Data Bank. These reports are regularly reviewed by every state licensing board in the country.
The Board is made up of 6 physicians and 3 public members appointed by the Governor. Disciplinary actions taken by the Board are available to the public either by telephone at (207) 287-3601, or on the Board’s website at www.docboard.org/me/me_home.htm.
The Board of Licensure in Medicine is the State of Maine agency charged to protect the health and welfare of the public by verifying the qualifications of physicians to practice, and disciplining physicians for unprofessional conduct and incompetence. Any citizen can request an investigation of a physician or physician assistant by contacting the Board office by telephone at (207) 287-3608, by letter, or by visiting the Board’s web site.