Farmington psychiatrist arrested for sexually abusing patient
Devin Neeley
July 21, 2017

FARMINGTON, N.M. — A Farmington doctor is behind bars after being arrested for sexual abuse of a patient, and police say there could be more victims.

Farmington police arrested psychiatrist Alan Emamdee and charged him with six counts of criminal sexual penetration and five counts of criminal sexual contact.

“These were all visits to his office during office hours that were part of supposed treatment,” said George Joy, a detective with the Farmington Police Department.

Emamdee was employed by San Juan Health Partners for the last three years. Representatives for San Juan Regional Medical Center say his employment was terminated on May 12, 2017, but police say they began investigating him in March when two patients complained.

“There were disturbing patterns of behavior by Dr. Emamdee regarding his patients, he was extremely interested in their sex lives, which is concerning because it was outside of the normal range of questions asked by a psychiatrist,” Joy said.

It wasn’t until another patient spoke to detectives that they could formally charge him– saying he made threats to coerce the female patient into sexual acts.

“She was exceptionally brave, came forward, gave a good statement, we were able to tie it into office visit dates and build a pattern of behavior that really was very concerning,” Joy said.

Emamdee is on a no-bond hold at the San Juan County Detention Center.

“If there are more patients that have been victimized by Dr. Emamdee, I encourage them to come forward and tell their story please come forward and tell your story,” Joy said.

On Friday, KOB attempted to ascertain the status of Emamdee’s licensure in the state of New Mexico. He is identified as a doctor of osteopathy, which seems to be regulated by the Regulation and License Department.

As of Friday evening, it is unclear if Emamdee holds a license in this state, or if there has been any investigation opened by a licensing entity. It is also unclear how pending criminal charges could affect any license he may hold.

Alan Emamdee