Ann Arbor psychiatrist suspended after affair with patient revealed
November 11, 2018, 2:40 PM
By Gus Burns

Psychiatrist Anthony Wolf

Psychiatrist Anthony Wolf

An Ann Arbor psychiatrist has had his medical license suspended after the state licensing board determined he had an sexual relationship with a patient.

Dr. Anthony J. Wolf on Oct. 12 was found responsible for the inappropriate relationship with the unnamed patient, and the Michigan Board of Medicine suspended his medical license for six months and ordered Wolf to pay a $20,000 fine, according to state licensing documents.

According to the complaint filed against Wolf, a woman was referred to his office in February of 2017 to be provided “medication management” services. Wolf also began treating the woman’s husband.

The doctor began exchanging frequent text messages with the woman following a suicide attempt she made in April 2017, according to the documents.

The woman made a second suicide attempt in September of 2017 and shortly afterward expressed romantic and sexual interest in Wolf and asked to be transferred to a new doctor.

Wolf told the patient he wished to continue treating her because he also desired a sexual and romantic relationship, according to the documents.

The relationship began in October 2017, according to the complaint filed with the Bureau of Medicine.

The patient’s husband learned of the relationship and attempted suicide, after which Wolf met with the married couple to discuss his relationship with the man’s wife, the complaint says.

In November of 2017, Wolf came under the scrutiny of his employer for poor job performance and he revealed the inappropriate relationship at that time.

He then entered a treatment facility in Houston on Dec. 7, designed for medical professionals suffering from psychiatric disorders, addiction or stress. He left the program on Jan. 19, 2018, but continued the inappropriate relationship with his former patient, the complaint says.

Wolf may petition to have his license reinstated 90 days before his license suspension period has been served.

Wolf agreed in a stipulation filed in September that he “needs to address his mental health issues and other life issues before resuming the practice of medicine.


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