Psychiatrist suspended
March 30, 2015

Psychiatrist Arne Mejlhede

Psychiatrist Arne Mejlhede

The Danish Health and Medicines Authority decided on Friday to suspend a psychiatrist from Funen with immediate effect after DR News revealed that he had been under observation for administering incorrect treatment for ten years without any action being taken to stop him.

Anne Marie Vangsted, the Health and Medicines Authority’s director with special responsibility for inspection, told DR News that the suspension took effect as of Saturday. The decision was taken on the basis of information provided to DR News by the psychiatrist himself.

“There should never be any doubt with regard to patient safety, which is why we have suspended the psychiatrist’s licence to practice while we investigate the case further,” she said.

“Once we had examined the information we already have on the case and the psychiatrist’s own letter to Danmarks Radio, we decided to take action. This is why we are undertaking a thorough investigation and have temporarily suspended the psychiatrist’s licence to practice while we do,” she said.

Vangsted said that the suspension would remain in force until the case has been thoroughly investigated.

Arne Mejlhede