February 4, 2010 Thursday

Doctor’s license suspended

BYLINE: DIANE JENNINGS, STAFF WRITER djennings@dallasnews.com


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Dr. William Olmsted, a child psychiatrist who once practiced in Dallas and taught at UT Southwestern Medical School, had his medical license indefinitely suspended Wednesday.
Olmsted was placed on probation by the Texas Medical Board in July after he became a registered sex offender in January 2009 when he pleaded no contest to indecency with a child. He was sentenced to six years’ deferred adjudication after a young girl who lived next door to his home said he molested her.
The board changed Olmsted’s status in an emergency meeting because he failed to comply with terms of his board-ordered probation, said Leigh Hopper, public information officer.
“Under the ’09 order he was supposed to submit to an independent psychiatric evaluation by a board appointed psychiatrist within 30 days,” Hopper said. “He did not do that.”
“We have to assume that he’s a continuing threat.”
The other restrictions placed on Olmsted in July included that he limit his practice to men, that he practice with at least one other doctor and that he take a “professional boundaries” course and pay a $5,000 fine.
Hopper said Olmsted has not been practicing since his discipline.
The mother of the victim in the indecency case said she was glad the board took a more punitive approach to Olmsted’s discipline.
But she also said she was saddened her former friend had not seized the opportunity to help himself. “He could have been making headway,” she said. “I always think if somebody makes a bad mistake and they try to redeem themselves, there’s something good about that.”
Olmsted could not be reached for comment.