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Doc was sued for malpractice 13 times in Illinois. He’s in ‘good standing’ in Missouri
By Andy Marso
March 25, 2018


Psychiatrist Brian Barash

Psychiatrist Brian Barash

In the case of Gladstone psychiatrist Brian Barash, The Star found that his Kansas license page has no information at all about a public reprimand he got from the Missouri board in 2006.

The Missouri licensing board found that in the early 2000s, Barash pre-signed blank prescription forms for patients being seen by an advanced practice nurse who worked with him at Comprehensive Psychiatric Associates.

One of those patients had to be hospitalized after overdosing on Klonopin, a controlled substance.

In addition to publicly reprimanding Barash, the Missouri board required him to get more training.

Barash didn’t respond to messages left at Comprehensive Psychiatric Associates and at Signature Psychiatric Hospital in North Kansas City, where he was on call this week. Signature Psychiatric has locations in both Kansas and Missouri.

Kathleen Selzler Lippert, the executive director of the Kansas Board of Healing Arts, said her agency prioritizes getting the disciplinary actions of Kansas’ own medical board online first. Other sections of its website that include information on felony convictions, medical malpractice claims and disciplinary actions from other states, “are continually under construction as resources permit,” with priority given to more recent incidents.

Bollier said that’s not good enough.

“That’s a problem,” Bollier said. “If that’s true we need to fix that because we owe it to our people.”


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