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Lewd psychiatrist could lose license
By Ian Bradley
April 18, 2018

Psychiatrist Brian Cassmassi

Psychiatrist Brian Cassmassi

Calabasas psychiatrist Brian Cassmassi faces a June 4 court date relating to charges that he exposed himself to a male patient in his office.

Cassmassi, who is in danger of losing his medical license, is accused of an October 2015 incident in which he showed the patient gay pornography, exposed himself and began masturbating.

Cassmassi, 34, was charged with indecent exposure and pleaded no contest in December 2016.

He was placed on probation for 36 months and his medical license restricted. He was allowed to continue practicing psychiatry on the condition that a medical professional be present for all his appointments with male patients.

A criminal complaint was filed against Cassmassi in June, 2016 and he was arrested in September the same year. Cassmassi was charged with misdemeanor, indecent exposure and pleaded not guilty. He posted bail and was released.

In a follow-up action, the Medical Board of California filed a complaint against Cassmassi in March of this year and could decide to revoke the license.

Carlos Villatoro, public information manager for the Medical Board, explained the delay between Cassmassi being charged in criminal court and the board’s action against him.

“If we notice there’s something more to the complaint that needs investigation then we will forward it to a doctor that practices in the same specialty as the person the complaint was generated from,” Villatoro said.

“Our expert reviewer opines on if there has been a violation of the medical practice act and (if so) then it gets assigned to an investigation team, which is an investigator and a deputy attorney general. They interview witnesses and talk to people who were involved and that process takes time,” Villatoro said.

The June 4 court date is a settlement hearing to resolve the board’s accusation against Cassmassi. Villatoro said Cassmassi can agree to a plea bargain or request a hearing before an administrative law judge.

If Cassmassi agrees to a settlement, the terms of his license still have to be negotiated.

“He could wind up with probation, he could have his license revoked, he could have other restrictions placed on his license,” Villatoro said.

“He has the right to a defense, he can agree with the settlement, (or) he can choose to have it go to an administrative law judge to decide, and then he can appeal to the board. There’s a due process that must be adhered to.”


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Brian Cassmassi