South African Psychiatrist Omar Sabadia still behind bars after 22 years – hired three hitmen to kidnap his wife and murder her so he could claim insurance money

Independent Online Family keeps wife killer behind bars By Sameer Naik June 23, 2018 Psychiatrist Omar Sabadia Johannesburg - [...]

Pieter van der Westhuizen, Namibian Psychiatrist, charged with attempted murder and using drugs to overpower a woman in order to have unlawful intercourse

Namibian Psychiatrist faces rape charges in High Court By Werner Menges May 28, 2018 Psychiatrist Pieter van der Westhuizen [...]

Omar Sabadia, South Africa Psychiatrist – Sentenced to 50 years in prison for his part in killing his wife – has served 20 years – now wants out

IOL Wife killer turns to high court for parole By Zelda Venter March 22, 2018 Psychiatrist Omar Sabadia He [...]

Psychiatrist Colin Bouwer, Convicted Wife Killer, Kicked out of New Zealand, deported to South Africa

Otago Daily Times October 9, 2017 Dunedin wife killer leaves NZ Psychiatrist Colin Bouwer Convicted wife killer Colin Bouwer [...]

Colin Bouwer, Murderous New Zealand Psychiatrist Denied Parole at First hearing in 15 years- slowly poisoned his wife to death Convicted murderer Colin Bouwer denied parole, Privy Council appeal likely By Hamish McNeilly September 18 2015 Psychiatrist Colin [...]


Globe and Mail Calgary psychiatrist found guilty of sexually assaulting patients Bill Graveland Jan. 29 2013 Psychiatrist Aubrey Levin [...]

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