Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Wisconsin)
Psychiatrist acquitted of assault
By Ryan Haggerty
March 7, 2008

A psychiatrist accused of sexually assaulting a female patient was acquitted of all charges by a jury Thursday.

Charles Grade, 45, of Wauwatosa was found not guilty on three counts of sexual exploitation by a therapist. Each felony count carried a penalty of up to 12-½ years in prison.

The woman, whose identity was kept sealed by the Milwaukee County Circuit Court, had accused Grade of having sexual contact with her on three occasions in 2005 and 2006.

Grade testified during his trial this week that he should have cut off the woman when she repeatedly discussed her sexual frustration, and he denied having sexual contact with her.

Grade also testified that his comments to police following his arrest in 2006 were cobbled together by investigators to create a statement that made him look guilty.

During an interview after the trial Thursday, Grade said his accuser was “a very ill woman with a very serious addiction” who hoped to make money off the case. Grade said he had been confident he would be acquitted.

“I’m just looking forward to relaxing and going on with my life,” said Grade, who works at two area clinics.

The woman’s attorney, Jon Safran, said it was difficult to convince the jury that Grade was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

“I knew that this was a somewhat difficult case from a credibility standpoint,” Safran said. “There wasn’t a lot of physical evidence. I understand from some of the testimony of the police officers that there were inconsistencies among their reports and their information, and when you have things like that along with (the woman’s) credibility being evaluated, these become difficult cases.”

Charles Grade