Psychiatrist’s license suspended over feet pics, drug allegations
January 23, 2018

Psychiatrist Craig Krause

Psychiatrist Craig Krause

The Virginia Board of Medicine suspended a Gainesville doctor’s medical license Jan. 18 based on multiple violations.

Craig Charles Krause, a psychiatrist, is accused of engaging in sexual contact with patients; lewd, offensive behavior toward patients; keeping 3,000 videotapes and 10,000 photographs of patients’ feet; and routinely prescribing large quantities of medications to patients who should not have been receiving the drugs. Many of the patients had a history of abusing or selling drugs, according to the board.

Krause was one of 27 people arrested in August 2016 by the Prince William region’s Narcotics Task Force in Operation Breaking Bars. A jury trial is scheduled for next month on charges of illegal distribution of narcotics.

Allegations referenced by the state’s medical board noted that police searched Krause’s office during the 2016 arrest and reportedly found a tablet containing the thousands of videos and photos of patients’ feet — all of them were of female patients wearing open-toed shoes.

The board determined that “a substantial danger to public health or safety warrants this action.”

A hearing, not yet set, will be held to address the allegations, according to the board.

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Craig Krause