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State board reprimands Napa psychiatrist
By Jennifer Huffman

Psychiatrist David Woolery

Psychiatrist David Woolery

A Napa doctor received a letter of reprimand from the Medical Board of California for an action described as “gross negligence.”

The reprimand for James Douglas Woolery, M.D., a Kaiser Permanente psychiatrist, was dated Dec. 26.

According to the medical board, an investigation revealed that his care and treatment of a patient “demonstrated a departure of the standard of care when you did not request the patient return for a face-to-face office visit after his initial evaluation.” No other details were provided.

A public reprimand can be issued for a minor violation that does not require probationary status or warrant denial of the license, according to the Medical Board website.

“A public reprimand can be issued for minor violations of law in lieu of the filing of formal charges (i.e., an accusation). A public reprimand issued for a violation of law is considered a lesser form of discipline.”

“We are aware of the letter of reprimand,” wrote Marc Brown, media relations manager at Kaiser Permanente Northern California. Brown said Woolery is currently on leave, prior to his retirement.

According to Kaiser’s website, Woolery practices at the department of psychiatry at the Vallejo Medical Center. He joined Kaiser in 1990. In summer 2005 he was appointed chief of psychiatry for the Napa/Solano service area, said the website.

“Although we cannot speak to individual cases, we take any and all concerns about care extremely seriously, and we have processes in place to investigate in order to understand the circumstances and take actions, if necessary, to improve our quality of care,” Brown wrote in an email.

Woolery could not be reached for comment.

The Medical Board’s Public Affairs Manager, Cassandra Hockenson, said she could not discuss further details about the reprimand. The board issued 90 such reprimands statewide during its fiscal year ending in July, she noted.

David Woolery