Derby Psychiatrist Anatta Nergui

Derby doctor who put patients at risk has eighth tribunal in nine years
By Callum Parke
March 18, 2022

— Excerpt

A Derby doctor who has been the subject of eight tribunals in less than nine years has been sanctioned for a further four months. Dr Anatta Nergui was originally found guilty of misconduct in 2014 and has been found to have not fully reflected on the severity of his offending in six different hearings since.

The psychiatrist was suspended by the Medical Practitioner Tribunal Service (MPTS) in 2014 for running a website and blog which offered incorrect medical advice to those who got in contact with him. In 20 of 22 cases, he was found to have failed to recommend that the patient saw a doctor or psychiatrist, and failed to recommend a counselling or psychotherapy course in 30 cases, among other complaints, which put patients at “significant risk of harm”…

Dr Nergui began working at the Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust in 2013. He had previously been placed under evaluation by the MPTS in 2011 after he smoked cannabis and told his staff to inform patients that he had died while working in Glasgow.

After then being found guilty of misconduct in 2014, Dr Nergui was made subject to conditions for three years which were reinforced in 2017 and 2018. He then had his licence to practice revoked for nine months in 2019 despite complying with the conditions, as it was found that “Dr Nergui had not demonstrated sufficient, if any, insight into the seriousness of his misconduct and consequent risks to the public and that he had not discharged the persuasive burden on him to show that he was no longer impaired by reason of misconduct”.

Those conditions were then reinstated for six months in March 2020 and a further 12 months in September 2020, and Dr Nergui will now face four months of conditions to allow him to address remaining problems concerning a “narrow area of insight”, Mr Shergill said…