Doc Mailloux

Montreal Gazette
Jail time ‘broke him,’ witness tells sentence hearing of La Fontaine Tunnel protester
By Paul Cherry
October 13, 2023

— Excerpt

Mario Roy, one of the people behind a protest that stopped traffic inside the La Fontaine Tunnel, presented a witness with a questionable background during his sentencing hearing on Friday.

Roy, 52, called Pierre (Doc) Mailloux, a psychiatrist and media personality who has been suspended from Quebec’s College of Physicians in the past, as his sole witness at the Montreal courthouse. Roy is acting as his own lawyer and is trying to avoid the six-month prison term the Crown is seeking in the case.

Included among Mailloux’s suspensions was one in 2011, when he was suspended for two years and fined a total of $33,000 for wrongly prescribing “megadoses” of antipsychotic drugs, among other acts of misconduct.

Mailloux mentioned this sanction, among others, when Roy asked Quebec Court Judge Jean-Jacques Gagné to accept him as his expert witness…