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State medical board reprimands 2 doctors
Dr. Dexter Whittemore allegedly made sex advances; Dr. Leonard Warren cited for excessive narcotics prescriptions.
November 19, 2009

A Golden Valley psychiatrist has been reprimanded by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice for allegedly making sexual advances toward a patient.

Dr. Dexter Whittemore, 68, acknowledged that he \”failed to maintain professional boundaries\” with a woman he was treating in 2008, the board reported Wednesday. According to the board, Whittemore made \”physical advances\” and sexual comments toward the patient while treating her \”outside of a clinical setting.\” The patient stopped treatment after two months.

Following a state investigation, Whittemore \”expressed regret\” for his actions, and admitted he failed to recognize and treat the patient\’s psychiatric problems properly, according to a settlement agreement released Wednesday. The agreement did not disclose other details of the allegations. As part of the settlement, Whittemore agreed to limit his practice to a supervised group setting, and to pay a $682 civil penalty.

In a separate action, the board reprimanded Dr. Leonard Warren, 64, of Lakeville for prescribing \”excessive quantities\” of narcotics to patients with chemical dependency problems. Warren acknowledged that he failed to follow proper prescribing practices, as well as accusations of poor recordkeeping and misreading an x-ray. Warren, who retired in 2008, was fined $4,653 as part of a settlement with the board.

Both Whittemore and Warren were cited for \”unprofessional and unethical conduct.\”