Kamloops psychiatrist reprimanded for relationship with patient
By Ashley Legassic
May 28, 2018

KAMLOOPS – A Kamloops psychiatrist has been reprimanded for engaging in unprofessional conduct by maintaining a personal relationship with a patient.

Dr. Edit Esther Pusztai admitted to failing to maintain professional boundaries with a patient, according to a public notification by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of B.C.

Pusztai allowed the patient to do work in her home, met with the patient and the patient’s family socially, exchanged gifts with the patient, had phone conversations with the patient about matters unrelated to medical care, went on outings with the patient and visited with the patient at her home, the notification said.

After being issued a disciplinary citation, Pusztai consented to several actions being taken by the college, which included a formal reprimand, participating in education in the areas of ethics, boundaries and professionalism, and attending the college for a meeting with the registrar.

Pusztai is also being transferred from the full-specialty class of registration to the condition-disciplined class of registration. According to the college’s website, this means Pusztai will be subject to certain limits and conditions.

“Clear professional boundaries ensure the protection of both patients and physicians,” the college stated in the notification. “The College considers any violation of a professional boundary between a patient and a treating physician to be an extremely serious matter.”