Yucatan Times
Psychiatrist’s Relatives protest outside Government Palace
August 27th, 2014

Enrique-González-Lara-psychiatrist-psychsearch.netRelatives and friends of Psychiatrist Enrique González Lara, who has been detained in connection with the murder of fellow psychiatrist Felipe Triay Peniche, protested outside the Government Palace on Tuesday August 26th for the direct intervention of Governor Rolando Zapata Bello, demanding his immediate release.

“My husband is a person of integrity, a good father, an excellent professional … he is incapable of hurting or killing anyone, much less committing something so horrible,” said Mrs. Karina Vivas Vazquez, Lara’s wife. Lara has been detained along with fellow psychiatrist Pablo Santos García Gutiérrez.

The detainees allege irregularities in their arrest and the judge ordered an investigation into their complaints.

Today is expected to be a key day in the hearing regarding the death of Felipe Triay Peniche, as the two men will be questioned to determine if they are to be formally prosecuted as murderers.

Family and friends of the victim Triay Peniche claim that there is enough evidence of their responsibility in this heinous crime, and are demanding the maximum penalty, which in Yucatan is forty years in prison.

At 11 am the hearing was suspended for 7 hours after one of the accused hired a new defense attorney and is demanding more time to study the file.