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Ankaful hospital workers pleased with Medical Director’s removal
February 19, 2018

Psychiatrist Eugene Dordoye

Psychiatrist Eugene Dordoye

Workers at the Ankaful Psychiatry hospital in the Central Region have jumped to the happy news after the removal of the Medical Director Dr Eugene Dordoye.

The staff at the hospital have complained bitterly about the kind of relations they get from Dr Dordoye, stating how negatively he interacts with them.

They had gone on strike to protest for the removal of Dr Dordoye.

Te Public Relations Officer (PRO), Emmanuel Ofori has said that they will have peace of mind to focus and give their best upon returning to work after the Medical Director has been shown the door.

He said, “We have been under the previous director for over 10 years without any issue but it has been hell since Dr Dordoye took over. It has been one issue after the other.

“Even management members have been complaining about him. Their attempts to correct him did not also end well,”

The workers stated that, they will go to Church on Sunday to offer thanksgiving service for the removal of what they viewed as an obstacle to them in their work.

The nurses and midwives had stated that, Mr Dordoye had disrespect towards the workers as well as improper human relations.

Mr Ofori further indicated that, they haven’t made it their way to resist change but rather Dr Dordoye only had Medical Officers as his priorities.

About a week ago,the government had called on them to return to work from the strike action over a claim that, Dr Dorgoye had been enrolled in an HR training programme but they declined due to the fact that they were not satisfied with that step.

However, earlier today, they received news form the Deputy Health Minister, Tina Mensah over the removal of the Medical Officer from office.

This message they described as “good news”.

Hon. Mensah explained that, she passed the message after a committee that was set up to investigate the grievances of the workers at the Ankaful hospital have submitted their reports and decision had been taken to the effect.

She further added that, the Medical Officer has been asked to seek training in Human Resources, after which his job will be handed back to him. She however refused to disclose how long the training will last.

“She spoke like a mother to us and we have heard her and we will get to work,” one of the nurses stated while speaking to the Press after the Deputy Minister had passed the news.

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Eugene Dordoye