Fred Dalton

The Washington Post
Physician Barred From Prescribing Except at Prison
By Celestine Bohlen
April 30, 1983

— Excerpt

Virginia authorities have allowed the chief psychiatrist at the State Pentitentiary to remain in his $72,358-a-year job despite his conviction last year on federal charges of using false data in experimental drug tests.

Dr. Fred C. Dalton was suspended from practicing medicine in Virginia for four months by the State Board of Medicine when it learned of his guilty plea to two misdemeanor charges initiated by the Food and Drug Administration. The state board then was investigating a separate allegation that Dalton falsified a drug prescription for his own use at a Petersburg pharmacy in July 1981.

The board, which regulates physicians, restored Dalton’s license after a hearing and on March 7 placed him on “indefinite probation,” with the added condition that he be barred from prescribing narcotic drugs anywhere except inside the Virginia prison system…