By Ken Kramer
November 29, 2013

Homosexuality was listed as a mental disorder in the DSM (see page 44) but after psychiatrists were ridiculed and pressured by gay activists, the membership of the American Psychiatric Association voted in 1974 to remove it from the DSM. This folly of a science claimed that homosexuality was a mental disorder, but then buckled under political pressure and removed homosexuality from their Bible.

How’s that for science?

Here are the punchlines:

On May 15, Saul Levin was named the new chief executive officer and medical director of the American Psychiatric Association.

He is gay.

Psychiatrist Saul Levin

Psychiatrist Saul Levin

Yesterday, the new head of the World Psychiatric Association, Psychiatrist Dinesh Bhugra, came out as gay. He was already “out” in his personal life but had not spoken about his sexuality publicly before.

Psychiatrist Dinesh Bhugra

Psychiatrist Dinesh Bhugra

(you can click on the cartoon to enlarge)

(click on the cartoon to enlarge)