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ECO DOC SLAMMED Rich NHS doctor blasted after climate change protest ‘wastes public cash’ and ‘delays patients’
By Rob Pattinson and Jonathan Reilly
April 22, 2019

Psychiatrist Hayley Pinto

Psychiatrist Hayley Pinto

A WEALTHY NHS doctor charged over the London climate protests was rapped for wasting public cash.

Dr Hayley Pinto, 51, was carried away by cops after lying down to form a road block.

She was condemned after Extinction Rebellion protesters delayed patients reaching hospital and took up stretched cops’ time.

Peter Bone MP said: “To take so much police manpower from crimes is madness.

“It’s a waste of public money and a NHS clinician should recognise how important public money is. She’s also preventing people from getting treatment.”

Extinction Rebellion plan to set up camp in Parliament Square on Tuesday as MPs return to Westminster after the Easter recess. Cops warned demonstrators must keep off roads.

Addiction psychiatrist Ms Pinto has been charged with obstructing a highway and obstructing police.

Ms Pinto, whose hubby is a GP, travelled from her £650,000 home in Marsham, Norfolk.

She owns a £60,000 Tesla electric car and has a swimming pool in her back garden.

The Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust worker said: “I didn’t want to get arrested, I’ve risked my job. Tidy marches that go along the desired route are ignored.”

Another Extinction Rebellion supporter, Philip Kedge, 50, is a retired police chief inspector in Hampshire.

He said he had joined the protest after deciding not to go to the beach “because do I actually ask why is the weather so wonderful?”

More than 100 Extinction Rebellion protesters wrecked family days out by playing dead under Hope, the blue whale skeleton at London’s Natural History Museum.

The Met said 1,065 arrests had been made in the last week over the protests, with 53 suspects charged.