Head of psychiatry

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Head of psychiatry convicted of child pornography
A psychiatrist in a management position is sentenced to a suspended sentence and community service for possession of child pornography and for having created child pornography of a person with whom he had a personal relationship.
By Jesper Cederberg
June 14, 2023

— Excerpt

The doctor is said to have had close to 600 child porn images and some videos on his computer and mobile phone, which were found during the police search. According to the prosecutor, the 1950s images can be classified as particularly reckless. The crimes must have been committed in 2017–2019.

Two of these images are created by the psychiatrist. In those cases, images of the plaintiff’s face as a child have been edited together with images of a naked adult woman. This means that the district court has come to the conclusion that these are child pornographic images.

According to the news agency Siren, the person is employed as a psychiatrist in a management position at his workplace in a Swedish region. The medical journal has searched the region…