Translation provided by Ulrik Pedersen

Avisen DK
By Freja Wedenborg
January 27, 2017

Psychiatrist Henrik Day Poulsen

The controversial psychiatrist Henrik Day Poulsen is receiving criticism from the health care Disciplinary Board, which evaluates the complaint cases in health care.

In one case he diagnosed a patient with paranoid schizophrenia after just one and a half hour consultation.

This is the conclusion from the Board’s decision in the complaint case, which has been publicised on the website www.sundhed.dk.

Inadequate basis

“it is the Disciplinary Committee’s assessment that the diagnosis was made on an inadequate basis, because a conversation of one and a half hour’s duration cannot be regarded as sufficient evaluation, and therefore the diagnosis was not sufficiently supported in the medical certificate”, it says in the Board’s criticism.

Day Poulsen believes there is a wrong decision in all three cases and will appeal them.

– I find that my legal certainty as a doctor is seriously threatened, when I must accept criticism of my work on a completely false basis, doctor writes in an email to BT.

Known for sharp views

Henrik Day Poulsen is a senior consultant at the Department of Psychiatry at Bispebjerg Hospital and known for his controversial views to include immigrants and the unemployed.

Among other things, he accused the unemployed to “fake” sick to get cash benefits or early retirement.

Henrik Day Poulsen