Tampa Bay doctor’s license revoked 943 days after complaint
Did pace of investigation put patients at risk?
By Mahsa Saeidi
May 28, 2019

Psychiatrist Henry EhrlichOn September 28, 2016, DOH received a complaint about Dr. Henry Ehrlich.

According to the 45-page document, three patients died of an accidental drug overdose or abuse within approximately a three-month span. Dr. Ehrlich is accused of keeping sloppy records and not conducting follow-up appointments with a total of six patients.

According to DOH, that is a violation of the Standard of Care required by medical professionals.

Documents state the doctor never disputed any of the claims made in the complaint.

8 On Your Side Investigates is digging into why action wasn’t taken against the doctor until April 29, 2019.

‘These weren’t schedule narcotics, but they were psychotropic drugs,’ said attorney H. Dennis Rogers.

Rogers did not work on any of the cases associated with Dr. Ehrlich, but he has been practicing medical malpractice for 38 years in Florida.

Rogers said the wrong dosage or combination of psychotropic drugs could still be deadly.

That’s why regular monitoring, follow-ups, and note-taking are critical when a doctor is prescribing these medications.

According to the DOH complaint, Dr. Ehrlich failed to meet the standard of care in numerous ways, including:

Failing to document the effectiveness of the medications prescribed
Failing to adequately assess or document an adequate assessment of complaints and symptoms
Failing to adequately identify a treatment plan
Failing to pursue the course of treatment
Failing to adequately and consistently monitor medication used to prevent noncompliance

The complaint states Dr. Ehrlich was a volunteer psychiatrist at Genesis Health Care located in Sarasota, Florida.

The first patient, identified as ‘G.S.’ died of an accidental intravenous drug abuse on October 13, 2016. The complaint states that one of the drugs that allegedly killed G.S. was prescribed by Dr. Ehrlich, and she was under his care at the time.

Two more former patients of the doctor died in January 2017.

‘In my experience, 38 years, it’s not common,’ said attorney Rogers.

According to the final order by DOH, the doctor failed to dispute the facts or respond in any way.

Dr. Ehrlich declined to go on camera, but he told 8 On Your Side he has retired now and it’s all too painful to discuss.

DOH tells 8 On Your Side part of the delay is due to an investigation that had been ongoing by the Sarasota Sheriffs’ Office. We’ve reached out to a spokesperson for further information.