The Miami Herald
By Donna Leinwand
Herald Staff Writer
June 5, 1993

Psychiatrist Herman Zeidman

Psychiatrist Herman Zeidman

A 77-year-old psychiatrist who allegedly hypnotized his female patients so he could fondle their breasts was arrested Friday by an undercover police officer who pretended to fall under his spell.

Pompano Beach police charged Dr. Herman Zeidman of 3100 Estates Dr., Pompano Beach, with one count of simple battery after he allegedly touched the breasts of the undercover officer, Sgt. Tony Lanza said. If convicted, Zeidman could spend up to a year in jail, Lanza said.

Police also have notified medical regulatory boards of the charge, he said.

Zeidman could not be reached for comment Friday.

“People put their trust in him,” Lanza said. “They told him their problems.”

Police began investigating Zeidman three weeks ago when they received a tip about sexual misconduct. The undercover officer went to three sessions with the doctor at his office at 1280 S. Powerline Rd., Pompano Beach. During the first session, which cost $100, the officer said she was feeling depressed.

Zeidman, who had been practicing for 50 years, questioned her about her sexual relationships and spoke in sexual innuendo, Lanza said.

During the third session Friday, Zeidman told her that she needed to be hypnotized. The officer agreed. When Zeidman believed she was hypnotized, he began touching her breast, Lanza said.

Zeidman denied the charge, Lanza said.

“He told me she was fantasizing because she was hypnotized,” Lanza said. “But we had her wired.”


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