The Seattle Times


By Nancy Montgomery

March 17, 1994

Psychiatrist disciplined: A Bellevue psychiatrist must videotape all sessions with female patients in order to maintain his practice after the state Medical Disciplinary Board said he had improper sexual relationships with three patients.
Dr. Hugh Castell agreed to the board’s order several months ago rather than face a hearing that could have resulted in a suspension of his medical license. He also was fined $ 2,000, ordered to have female patients sign notices that they’d seen the restrictions imposed on his practice, provide a copy of the board’s order to hospitals and clinics in which he practices, get psychotherapy and move into a group practice.
The agreement followed an investigation into Castell’s relationships with three former patients, including one who divorced her husband and married Castell, according to board documents released this week.
Castell was deemed “chemically dependent” by the Springbook Institute in Oregon, and, according to board documents, his “inappropriate sexual behavior is related to the addiction.”
Castell could not be reached for comment. State documents say Castell said his relationships began after the women were referred to other therapists, but state investigators said they would present evidence that the relationships began while Castell treated the women.