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Laguna Hills psychiatrist gives up medical license after addiction deaths
By Courtney Perkes
Sept. 21, 2016

Psychiatrist Irwin Rosenfeld

Psychiatrist Irwin Rosenfeld

A Laguna Hills psychiatrist has surrendered his license to practice medicine after allegations that he improperly prescribed to three addicts who died in his care, according to California Medical Board legal documents made public Wednesday.

Dr. Irwin Ira Rosenfeld gave up his license, effective this week, to resolve the board’s 2015 case against him that sought to revoke his probation from discipline in a prior matter. In May, a judge barred Rosenfeld from prescribing narcotics pending the outcome of the legal proceedings.

Rosenfeld’s attorney, David L. Rosner, could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

In the case that led to Rosenfeld surrendering his license, the board accused him of gross negligence and excessive prescribing in his treatment of the three patients who died as a result of their drug use.

In two cases, Rosenfeld failed to refer them for substance abuse treatment, the documents say. In each case, the patients also used illegal drugs or medications prescribed by other doctors besides Rosenfeld.

The board documents give the following account:

Rosenfeld was accused of prescribing of abusable controlled substances to a 29-year-old man who died in 2012 from “multiple drug toxicities.” The documents say Rosenfeld continued to prescribe even after the patient’s mother called him and said her son was “acting crazy and was overmedicated.” The documents say he prescribed him stimulants despite knowing the patient had illegally distributed amphetamines to others in the past.

Rosenfeld was accused of prescribing various abusable drugs to a 53-year-old man who died in 2012 from a “mixed drug overdose.” Over the course of treatment, the patient told Rosenfeld he was abusing various opiate painkillers, the documents say. He prescribed him Xanax, which was one of the drugs named in the autopsy report.

Rosenfeld also was accused of improper prescribing to a 27-year-old man who died in 2014 of “acute polydrug intoxication.” Rosenfeld wrote in his medical chart that he was abusing heroin. He prescribed the man Valium despite his history of abusing a similar drug and failed to refer him for substance abuse treatment.

In 2011, Rosenfeld was placed on five years board probation for gross negligence, violating laws
regarding dangerous drugs and controlled substances and engaging in unprofessional conduct.

Irwin Ira Rosenfeld