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€ 50 for certificates and sexual violence to patients: arrested the aostan psychiatrist Marco Bonetti
January 11, 2018

Psychiatrist Marco Bonetti

Psychiatrist Marco Bonetti

Week of illness thanks to fake medical certificates obtained by paying the Aostan psychiatrist Marco Bonetti 50 euros: for this accusation the court of Aosta sentenced to two years and 10 months of imprisonment each of the two patients of the psychiatrist finished at home in March 2017, a fifty year old and a fifty-three residents in the valley, at the time of the facts belonging to the prison police. The judges also ordered the “extinction” of their relationship with the administration of justice. They were accused of ideological falsehood in competition with the doctor and corruption. For the Prosecutor’s office, the fifty-year-old had given Bonetti 50 euros in December 2016 to obtain the false attestation of a “relapse in the depressive state” with which he had been recognized 45 days of illness “having already obtained previous 165”. In November 2016, his colleague, with the same sum, had been recognized as having “a progressive anxiety disorder” with the request for a “three-month state of illness”.

The court (president Massimo Scuffi, judges Anna Bonfilio and Marco Tornatore) has also banned the defendants from public offices for five years.

The prosecutor Luca Ceccanti had requested a sentence of two years and nine months imprisonment for each. “I do not understand how one can first think that a serious psychiatric visit has been made, then how serious the state of severe depression can be,” said the magistrate in his indictment, referring to the contents of an interception.

The defense has focused above all on the clinical past of the two patients, who “even before the Bonetti documentation suffered from such diseases”. In particular, for one of the two, the lawyer Laura Marozzo spoke about “treatment with psychotropic drugs already in 2001” and the decision of the commander of the prison police, in 2012, to “take his gun”, in addition to the statute of limitations, in September 2017, of psychotropic drugs by another specialist. On this front, the defense also produced the report of a part consultant. Regarding the payment of 50 euros to Bonetti, the attorney explained: “Patients can not know whether or not he had authorization for intramoenia, we can not process them for not having requested a receipt”.

“I am struggling – the prosecutor Luca Ceccanti said in the courtroom – to find elements that tell me, in clinical history and on intercepted visits, that Bonetti was in front of depressed subjects”.

The main thread of the trial, in which Bonetti and seven other patients – all public servants – are held under the abbreviated rite and the sentence is expected in April (meanwhile an expert appointed by the gup is verifying the veracity of the diagnoses made by the psychiatrist ). Bonetti, a former employee of the USL, is accused of sexual violence against six women (five patients and the mother of another assisted), the sale of drugs (drugs), fraud, peculation, corruption, forgery. The investigations, carried out also with the help of a camera hidden in the study, were conducted by the Aosta group of the finance guard.

Italian psychiatrist Marco Bonetti

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