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Jan Freml

The psychiatrist wanted to insure the child of premature birth, he was given a condition for endangering the woman
May 26, 2021
By Patrik Biskup

— Excerpt

Jan Freml, a psychiatrist (68), was sentenced to three years in prison at the Regional Court in Pilsen on Wednesday for trying to suffer serious injuries. According to the indictment, he was supposed to try to induce premature birth in a woman from Ostrava when, at the 35th week of her pregnancy, she was injected at home with the hormone oxytocin, which can only be given in a hospital by a specialist and under constant monitoring of mother and fetus. This endangered the woman and the child…

“Oxytocin causes strong and uncontrollable contractions, which can acutely break off the placenta and thus endanger the lives of both the woman and the fetus,” the plaintiff Věra Brázdová warned. Fortunately, there was no serious damage to the health of the woman or baby in this case. “A woman’s uterus was not so sensitive to the product that it caused excessive stimulation of the uterine muscle,” Brázdová added.

Freml said in court on Wednesday that he felt guilty for the act described in the indictment. “I accept guilt and I agree with the legal qualification,” said the psychiatrist. Back in January, when the court began hearing the case, he claimed that everything was just a bunch of fabrications and distorted facts.