Psychiatrist Jason Stamper

Psychiatrist Jason Stamper

Lexington Herald Leader
Pikeville psychiatrist accused of showing patient nude pictures of men he’s had sex with
By Mike Stunson
August 5, 2019

A Pikeville psychiatrist has been accused of showing a patient nude photos of men during a session earlier this year.

As a result, the medical license for Jason Stamper has been restricted by the state’s Board of Medical Licensure for an indefinite period of time.

Stamper practices at the Mountain Comprehensive Care Center in Pikeville.

The mother of the patient, a permanently disabled adult, filed a grievance to the board in May that Stamper “showed him pictures of young men he has had sex with or whom he wants to have sex,” according to the board.

The patient has never been physically touched by Stamper, but the encounter left him with signs of anxiety and he did not want to go to Stamper again, the board said.

In a statement Stamper provided to the board, he did not deny showing the patient nude photos but shared different details. Stamper said he asked the patient if he was seeing anyone because the patient had expressed this as a concern previously. This led to the two showing each other photos, Stamper claimed.

“He showed me some pictures from a social media site and I showed him some pictures from another social media site,” Stamper said, according to the board. “If there were any nude pictures, it was unintentional. He then asked If I would date him and I advised that because he was a patient, I could not.”

Prior to the encounter that occurred in April, the patient had been seeing Stamper for nearly three years, Stamper said.

While his license is restricted, Stamper must be evaluated and assessed by the Acumen Institute in Kansas. According to the institute’s website, its program “is designed around personal and professional development as an evolutionary process that takes place over time. Acumen Institute is dedicated to individualizing each client’s treatment and professional coaching process”

Stamper must comply with any treatments the institute recommends in order to restore his license, the board said.

According to CareDash.com, a website for finding doctors in various specialties, Stamper has 18 years of experience in psychiatry.