The New York Times

September 26, 1987, Saturday, Late City Final Edition

Psychiatrist Given Probation In New York Corruption Case

BYLINE: By The Associated Press

SECTION: Section 1; Page 35, Column 5; Metropolitan Desk

LENGTH: 114 words

A Manhattan psychiatrist who testified for the prosecution at last year’s city corruption trial was sentenced yesterday to three years’ probation for mail fraud.
Dr. Jerome Driesen, 48 years old, a close friend of Geoffrey L. Lindenauer, the former deputy director of the Parking Violations Bureau, pleaded guilty last October to one count of mail fraud in a plea bargain with prosecutors.
Dr. Driesen could have been sentenced to five years in prison and fined $250,000.
Testifying at the racketeering trial of the former Bronx Democratic leader, Stanley Friedman, Dr. Driesen said Mr. Friedman offered to launder bribe money for the Queens Borough President, Donald R. Manes.