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Suspicion: Orthodox psychiatrist disturbed and had sex with patients

Jerusalem psychiatrist-psychsearch.net-psych-psychs-psychiatry-psychiatric-psychiatristsOrthodox Neve Yaakov presented himself as a psychotherapist being anxious couples, a patient suspected of having committed indecent acts and other women. During interrogation he claimed that he did things without any sexual connotation

Haredi attending a patient suspected of defilement and indecent assault in patients more. The suspect, a resident of Neve Yaakov 44, was arrested this week by the Jerusalem Central Unit for suspected molesting his patients and even slept with one of them. According to the allegations, he hired an ultra-Orthodox organization treatment rooms located in Givat Shaul and there probably carried out his scheme.

The affair began a few weeks ago, then Jerusalem Central Unit received a complaint of ultra-Orthodox woman who claims that within the last treatment with the suspect is committed indecent acts. Among other things, she told the woman that he would sit her on it and pat it under your clothes. Immediately after receiving the complaint, the police began investigation. The researchers, led by Chief of youth exposure, Superintendent Golan Meiri, came another woman who claimed that he touched her vagina.

The suspect claimed during questioning that is anxious couples psychotherapist parity problems but deals mainly with individual women. He rented a room in the structure of the ultra-Orthodox Associations Givat Shaul where he received the women. It is suspected that he had treated this way Orthodox women for five years. Police point out that he used to sexually exploit the Mtoflotio significant number of cases.

Even before his arrest, trial proceedings against him took place in the Haredi community in so-called ‘Forum Regulation. Apparently the procedure did not produce fruit, and that’s what made the first complainant to contact the police. Near the police made the arrest raid on where the organization operates, and from there were taken additional evidence supporting the allegations. However, police point out that the organization itself has no connection to the event and there is no suspicion of its abnormal behavior.

In his interrogation, the suspect claimed that everything was carried out as part of treatment and without any sexual connotation. Police continue to investigate, among other things, trying to get other complainants and check the credentials required to perform treatments such as those committed by the suspect.

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