The Boston Herald
Sex-case doc called `victim of patients’
By Kathryn Marchocki
September 13, 1992

The attorney for a Cambridge psychiatrist whose license was ordered revoked last week in a sexual misconduct case yesterday portrayed the doctor as a victim of his female colleague and former patient, whom he had fallen deeply in love with and hoped to marry.

“He was head-over-heels, madly in love with her,” attorney Camille Sarrouf said of Dr. Joel H. Feigon, 60, and the female psychotherapist who first came to him in 1973 as a patient.

Feigon left his wife of some 20 years to marry the woman, who instead wed another psychotherapist, according to published reports and Sarrouf. The man she married also was both a patient and professional colleague of Feigon’s.

The Massachusetts medical board unanimously ruled Wednesday to permanently revoke Feigon’s medical license. In its decision, the board reportedly criticized Feigon for engaging in the lengthy sexual relationship with the female patient while also treating her male lover and her two children.

The board faulted Feigon for failing to “exhibit self-control and restraint where his conduct significantly impacted and manipulated the lives of four patients, two of whom were apparently minors.”

Sarrouf said she is appealing their ruling to the state Supreme Judicial Court.

Sarrouf accused the couple of being motivated by vengeance, noting they waited until after 1990 to file a complaint against Feigon for behavior that was known to them in 1981.