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Qld sex offender found in Bali school
By Gabrielle Dunlevy
November 27, 2014

John Peter Domenic Rigano-psychiatrist-psychsearch.netAn Australian man with prior convictions for improper dealings with children has been caught teaching English classes in Bali and will be deported, authorities say.

John Peter Domenic Rigano, 65, was caught teaching English in Kuta earlier this month in a sweep by immigration officers.

In 2009, Rigano, who was then a psychiatrist, was sentenced in the Cairns District Court to nine months’ jail, for indecently touching a teenage boy who was being treated for anxiety.

Bali authorities found Rigano was misusing a multiple entry visa and detained him.

He will be deported to Brisbane on Friday.

Head of Ngurah Rai Immigration Office, Mohamad Soleh, said staff at the English Now office at first told officers that no foreigners worked there.

“We were suspicious when we looked at the schedule on the wall of the office that said there were native speaker teachers there,” he said.

During questioning, Rigano revealed he had been convicted of sexually harassing underage boys in Australia, Mr Mohamad said.

Two other Australians, both young women teaching at the same English school, were also found working with the incorrect visas.

A fourth Australian, a 24-year-old woman, was discovered working as the operational manager at a Kuta hotel while her working permit was still pending approval.

The three were not detained and authorities have not decided whether to deport them.

Two Americans, one UK citizen, one Japanese citizen and four Norwegians were netted in the same operation.

John Rigano