What the below press release does not say (see here) is that the Washington Physicians Health Program (WPHP) received calls from several of Neraas’ “professional and social contacts” notifying them they the needed to contact Neraas. The mission of the WPHP is “to facilitate the rehabilitation of healthcare providers who have physical or mental conditions that could compromise public safety and to monitor their recovery”.

Psychiatrist Kathryn Neraas

Psychiatrist Kathryn Neraas

Neraas refused to “provide written documentation of her current mental health treatment” and refused WPHP permission to “speak with her treatment providers”. The WPHP labeled her “hypomanic”. Psychiatrist Charles Meredith, the Director of the WPHP told Neraas in a letter “it was concerning to us that you appear too disorganized to keep these appointments and is worrisome that your mental status is significantly affecting your level of occupational and psychosocial functioning”. Meredith directed Neraas to “take a leave from your clinical practice and report to our offices so that we are able to complete our assessment.” WPHP then notified Washington States’ Medical Quality Assurance Commission but Neraas refused to cooperate. Result – she is suspended.

States News Service
Dateline: Olympia, WA
September 3, 2014

The following information was released by the Washington State Department of Health:
The Medical Quality Assurance Commission has immediately suspended the medical license of Seattle psychiatrist Kathryn A. Neraas (MD00029993) pending further disciplinary proceedings.

Neraas cant practice medicine or prescribe medications in Washington until the charges are resolved. She has 20 days to respond to the charges and to request a hearing.

The charges say Neraas has an impairment that prevents her from being able to practice medicine safely. She didn’t enter a monitoring agreement with the Washington Physicians Health Program as part of an agreed order and continued to prescribe controlled substances after signing the agreed order in June of this year saying she would stop.

Legal documents in this case are available by calling 360-236-4700 or online by clicking the link to Provider Credential Search on the agency home page (www.doh.wa.gov).

The Medical Quality Assurance Commission protects public health and safety by assuring the competency and quality of physicians and physician assistants. The commission establishes and monitors qualifications for licensure, and consistently enforces practice standards and professional conduct through discipline and continuing education.

Kathryn Neraas