Psychiatrist apologizes to Yoo Ah In, then deletes all content related to the actor from Twitter
By beansss
November 30, 2017

Psychiatrist Kim Hyun Chul

Psychiatrist Kim Hyun Chul

Psychiatrist Kim Hyun Chul, who previously came under fire for publicly diagnosing actor Yoo Ah In of hypomania based solely on the actor’s SNS activity, has apologized for his actions.

After netizens began flooding his SNS with criticism, Kim Hyun Chul posted on November 30, “Even if the truth was revealed due to criticism, it applies in the category of defamation of character… But I did not become licensed so I could ‘Stay put’. To me, it is a duty.”

However, seeing Kim Hyun Chul continue to defend himself, The Korean Employed Psychiatrists Association decided to speak up against Kim. The association wrote via Twitter, “One psychiatric official decided to post his own, personal opinions about a well-known actor on his SNS publicly. We feel regret toward the actions of this psychiatric official. We insist that the Korean NeuroPsychiatric Association take measures based on the ethical standards of the association in regard to the above psychiatric official’s activity.”

Kim Hyun Chul was spotted sharing The Korean Employed Psychiatrists Association’s post derailing him on his own SNS. He then directly mentioned Yoo Ah In’s Twitter and stated, “It seems that the post of apology from yesterday was deleted as I deleted my other Tweets. I will disregard my original purpose for my previous actions and refrain from arguing unnecessarily, but receive any consequences severely. I am truly sorry, and I will take full responsibility.”

Since, all posts related to Yoo Ah In have been deleted from Kim Hyun Chul’s Twitter, including his mention apology.

Meanwhile, Yoo Ah In has also responded by sharing the below Instagram post. The post captures one media editorial commenting on the psychiatrist vs. Yoo Ah In, reading, “The final winner? I can assure you, there is none who dares mention Yoo Ah In’s defeat, not anymore.”

Kim Hyun Chul

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