Local psychiatrist accused of harassment, abuse
By Lindsay Nielsen
June 24, 2015

QUEENSBURY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A North Country psychiatrist will have his license suspended for six months amid accusations of harassment, abuse and intimidation.

A Queensbury psychiatrist has been accused of gross incompetence and moral unfitness. Dr. Koock Jung denies any wrongdoing but added that he can’t successfully defend himself from all the allegations.

Some of his former patients claimed Dr. Jung asked them for hugs, told them they were beautiful, rubbed their legs, and touched them in a sexual nature. But Dr. Jung said it’s not true.

“So turned her back, and I told her to lift up her shirt and listened to her back,” Dr. Jung said. “There was bronchitis everywhere, so I prescribed medication.”

That’s what Dr. Jung said happened between him and a former patient. He said he didn’t touch any of his patients in a sexual manner. But his medical license has been suspended for six months by the New York State Health Department after around 12 women – many of them sexual abuse victims seeking his help – claim he touched them inappropriately.

“That’s absolutely not true at all,” Dr. Jung said. “Then the third accusation was I was hugging them and groping their breast.”

A colleague of Dr. Jung, who did not want to be identified, said many of the patients were prepared to testify at a hearing. But Dr. Jung admitted he could not successfully defend at least one of the charges that included Gross Negligence, Harassing, Abusing or Intimidating a Patient Physically or Verbally.

“Because accusation come one after another after another,” Dr. Jung said. “In the beginning, it was about seven people, and then they added three more.”

The health department also said Jung failed to maintain accurate patient records.

“The reason why I’m not writing everything down is I’m more focused with their life problems; human suffering,” he explained.

Dr. Jung said he will now retire and close his Psychotherapy Center by Saturday.

“They cannot find anybody like me,” he said.