Psychiatrist who publicly diagnosed Yoo Ah In with hypomania may be losing his license
By jennywill
March 12, 2018

Psychiatrist Kim Hyun Chul

Psychiatrist Kim Hyun Chul

Psychiatrist Kim Hyun Chul, who previously came under fire for publicly diagnosing actor Yoo Ah In of hypomania based solely on the actor’s SNS activity, will be expelled from the Korean NeuroPsychiatric Association (KNPA).

After Yoo Ah In became furious with the doctor, the doctor had tried to excuse himself by saying “But I did not become licensed so I could ‘Stay put’. To me, it is a duty.” He had ultimately deleted and apologized for his actions.

However, KNPA said, “In December last year at the medical conference, we have confirmed Kim’s sentence, and have been investigating through the ethics committee since January. We’ll know for sure next week at the 2nd hearing, but it looks like he will be getting the highest sentence, which is expulsion from the KNPA.”

The chairman said, “This is the first time in any medical association that a doctor will be expelled instead of getting a warning or getting his membership put on hold. That is how serious we are taking this matter.”

Kim Hyun Chul is accused of breaking Article 19 of the medical law, which prevents anyone in medicine of spreading medical information of a patient to others, and also of using such information for the wrong reasons.

The KNPA is also going to be submitting a request to the Ministry of Health to either cancelling or putting a halt on his medical license. The chairman of KNPA said, “After the ethics committee investigated, they found that Kim was committing various illegal acts, such as giving medicine to patients without a prescription, and getting treatment fees after a phone consultation.”


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