Psychiatrist Kim Hyun Chul under fire
Jun Ko
December 20, 2017

Psychiatrist Kim Hyun Chul

Psychiatrist Kim Hyun Chul

Psychiatrist Kim Hyun Chul first became known when he appeared on ‘Infinity Challenge’. His second appearance to the world ended up less than satisfactory when he publicly diagnosed actor Yoo Ah In with hypomania. He had ended up apologizing for his diagnosis after it blew up. His name ended up coming up again when he recently called out Jonghyun’s psychiatrist. He had commented on his twitter, “1) I can’t acknowledge his psychiatrist as my peer. 2) ‘Get some exercise’ / ‘Get some sunlight’ are some of the worst and traumatic advice to give (to a person with depression). 3) In situations like this, the association doesn’t say anything” to a link of Jonghyun’s final letter.

Due to his past actions and history, his comments have been under fire by numerous netizens. Many have accused him for trying to create controversy and trying to gain attention. Due to all the negativity towards his comments, he has since deleted his twitter.

Korean Psychiatrist Kim Hyun Chul

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