The Associated Press
January 18, 1980
Psychiatrist Allegedly Wrote Illegal Prescription For A Kennedy

A psychiatrist and former state commissoner of mental health was under investigation today, reportedly for allegedly writing two illegal prescriptions for drugs to David Kennedy, 25-year-old son of the late Robert Kennedy.

John J. Droney, Middlesex County district attorney, confirmed that Dr. Lee Macht, chief psychiatrist at Cambridge City Hospital, was under investigation but refused to comment on details.

He said Thursday night there was a “probability” of legal action today in connection with the case, adding “but I cannot be sure.” He refused to discuss the case further.

Droney’s office said First Assistant District Attorney William Codhina would issue a statement on the matter this afternoon at his office in Cambridge.

Dr. Macht, chief psychiatrist of the Cambridge hospital, will face “some legal proceedings to take place tomorrow,” Leslie MacLeod, director of the Cambridge hospital, said Thursday.

MacLeod, who said he had spoken to Macht about the issue a few hours earlier, made his comment after a Boston television station, WNAC-TV, quoting unnamed sources, said Macht had offered to give up his license for a year in lieu of further proceedings by the Middlesex County district attorney.

The station said Macht, of Wellesley, was being investigated for allegedly writing the prescriptions on two Cambridge pharmacies.

Dr. Macht, who teaches at Harvard Medical School and served briefly as state mental health commissioner in the administration of Gov. Michael S. Dukakis, said his attorney advised him not to comment on the television allegations.

Young Kennedy, who was not available for comment, was admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital in September after he apparently was mugged in New York City at a Harlem hotel frequented by drug users. Police said he had gone there to buy cocaine.

The hospital said he was treated for bacterial endocarditis, an inflamation of the heart’s inner lining. He was listed as seriously ill for several weeks. He was released from the hospital after more than two months treatment.