Hyderabad: Psychiatrist creates ruckus on road
October 27, 2017

Hyderabad: The video of a woman creating ruckus by abusing fellow commuters in Begumpet on Thursday has gone viral. The woman in the video has been identified as a city-based psychiatrist Lubna Shazore Mirza.

She was speeding and cutting across lanes before she was stopped and reprimanded by other commuters. A case has been registered against her for rash driving. Police records indicate that there is a challan pending on her car.

According to witnesses, Lubna was driving her white Volkswagen Vento at a high speed and zig-zagging between lanes on Begumpet road. Her reckless driving caused her to nearly hit a scooter. “She just missed the scooter, whose driver had not noticed her car. She then continued to zig-zag between the lanes, causing trouble for other commuters as well,” said a biker.

After observing her antics, some bikers followed her car, intercepted it and asked her to drive properly. One of them recorded the entire episode on his mobile phone, and the video went viral in no time.

In the video, Lubna is seen using foul language, abusing the bikers, and even attempting to assault one of them.

The traffic inspector of SR Nagar, who happened to be travelling from Chikoti Gardens towards Greenlands at the time, saw that a large crowd had gathered on the road and was blocking the traffic. He intervened to settle the argument and disperse the crowd before proceeding on his way. However, he noticed that Lubna had once again picked up a fight with the bikers at some distance. The inspector then alerted the local police and lodged a complaint at the Begumpet police Station.

The driver has been booked on charges of rash driving and the creation of a nuisance.

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Lubna Shazore Mirza