Manoj Bhargava

Fredericton psychiatrist suspended by College of Physicians and Surgeons
By Lauren Bird
November 17, 2020

— Excerpt

A Fredericton psychiatrist was suspended by the College of Physicians and Surgeons on Tuesday after the college received several complaints about him that alleged misconduct toward patients.

Dr. Manoj Bhargava works at Fredericton Addiction and Mental Health, which is part of Horizon Health, and part time at the Student Health Centre at the University of New Brunswick.

Alison Larade began seeing Bhargava as a first-year student at St. Thomas University.

“It definitely was very traumatizing,” she said Tuesday…

Larade said that among other things, the psychiatrist performed physical exams and ask her to remove her bra while he used a stethoscope, saying it could interfere with the results. She said he then groped her breasts. Looking back, she felt she had been “groomed” to accept the behaviour.

Dr. Ed Schollenberg, registrar with the College of Physicians and Surgeons, said that since Thursday the college has received five complaints about Bhargava…