Sexual abuse and fraud, arrested doctor
March 29, 2017

For sexual assault , aggravated fraud , embezzlement and corruption for acts contrary to official duties, the financial police of Aosta has arrested Marco Bonetti, 63, Aosta, psychiatrist against whom it was issued an arrest warrant by the investigating magistrate. The doctor house arrest were granted. The investigations were carried out with the use of hidden cameras in outpatient studies that the USL had made available for healthcare and have documented incidents of sexual violence and bribery to psychiatric patients entrusted to his care by the NHS. “The doctor has also abused its function delivering drugs to patients in the hospital’s availability because of its service and in exchange for money,” added the yellow flames. Finally the doctor is accused of having issued false health certificates for the renewal of driving licenses of their patients, failing to detect psychiatric disorders “.

18 proven sexual harassment and 35 payments – The investigation had started after the financial police had been reported that the psychiatrist Marco Bonetti received sums of money during the visits. On disposal of the judiciary it was filmed for about 50 days, the last part of 2016: in this period, as ascertained by the investigators, there were 18 cases of sexual harassment , and 35 times he was given money , in most cases 50 euro. Tuesday, March 28, during the searches and service of the order of arrest, were seized about 4,000 Euros and 3,000 Swiss francs , cash, according to the yellow flames, it is the result of the misconduct. For this start also of tax audits. The investigation was not yet complete, it is conducted by the Aosta Group of the Finance Police, headed by Lieutenant Colonel Francesco Caracciolo, and coordinated by prosecutor Giancarlo Avenati Netherlands.

USL, we are the offended party – Company USL Valle d’Aosta “considering themselves as of now injured party” in the case against the psychiatrist arrested in Aosta, Marco Bonetti, 63, “will examine as soon as possible what action to take to protect the its assets and its image and to this end has given mandate to its lawyer to take on the process information. ” We read it in a health care company notes, adding: “The Directorate General was unaware of judicial work in progress related to this specific measure”. It is, he adds, “of serious individual responsibility, for which the court will complete the investigation and to which all the company’s facilities is declared as of now available to the utmost cooperation as also guaranteed.”

Marco Bonetti