Melvin Wise

St. Petersburg Times
Doctor’s license revoked
By Carol Gentry
August 8, 1992

— Excerpt

… Malcolmson told the board Florida needs to form a task force to ease the plight of sexual abuse victims who are getting chewed up by the system. While seven women brought complaints against Dr. Melvin Wise, two refused to testify after seeing the others skewered by Wise’s attorneys.

Only Malcolmson’s case survived the legal process. It was the basis for the board’s vote Friday to revoke Wise’s license.

Wise, who practiced child and adolescent psychiatry in Miami, did not appear at the hearing. His attorney, Mark Lang, said Wise is living in Orlando but not working.

He can’t earn a living because of bad publicity, Lang said. He vowed to appeal…

But the women said that if anything is out of kilter, it’s the legal system.

Hatch first reported Wise in 1985 to the South Florida Psychiatric Society, but her testimony was not believed.

Then the Department of Professional Regulation, which investigates and prosecutes cases against doctors, filed a complaint against Wise in June 1988 based on accusations from Hatch and four others.