Child psychiatrist worked after abuse conviction
March 31, 2016

Psychiatrist Morris Fraser

Psychiatrist Morris Fraser

A child psychiatrist, who was convicted of sexually assaulting a child while working for a Belfast hospital in 1972, was allowed to remain on the British medical register for 24 more years during which he was convicted on abuse charges on two further occasions.

Griffith College academic, Niall Meehan, who has published an account of Morris Fraser’s crimes, has called for the case to be investigated by the Goddard Inquiry which is conducting Britain’s most comprehensive-ever examination of child abuse.

Mr Meehan’s study, published by Spinwatch, traces Frasers’ meteoric rise from Senior Psychiatric Registrar for children at the Royal Victoria Hospital in 1971 to media guru on the Troubles’ impact on children.

But in 1971 he sexually assaulted a member of his Belfast boy scout troop in London.

The police failed to inform the hospital about his London conviction which also went unreported in the media.

Fraser walked free from court, ordered not to reoffend for three years.

But a year later, media reports of his arrest in New York prompted the hospital to suspend him.

He was found guilty of attempted sodomy and deported to Britain where the General Medical Council was considering his fitness to practise in the light of his London conviction.

However, Mr Meehan says its minutes do not refer to his American guilty plea and that Fraser was soon announcing he had been allowed to continue practising without restrictions.

Seventeen years later, he was jailed for a year by a London Court for taking and distributing over 1,000 indecent images of children.

Three years after that, following media queries, he voluntarily deregistered.

Northern Ireland is not covered by the Goddard Inquiry but Mr Meehan said it cannot avoid investigating the entire Fraser saga because he abused the Belfast scout in London.

Morris Fraser