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‘OPEN YOUR LEGS’ Shame of Harley street doc’s ‘obscene, drunken calls to colleague after downing five whiskies’
The psychiatrist was later arrested and jailed after trial
By Robin Perrie
12th August 2016

Psychiatrist Nadir Omara

Psychiatrist Nadir Omara

A HARLEY Street doctor told a colleague to ‘open her legs’ in drunken 2am phone calls, a tribunal heard.

Nadir Omara, 49, began ‘huffing and puffing’ as if pleasuring himself when talking to a second worker.

The psychiatrist was arrested after she recognised his voice and was later jailed after a trial.

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service heard yesterday that Omara decided to call when his wife went to bed after a wedding anniversary dinner.

He downed up to five double whiskies and watched film American Hustle before ringing the 24-hour addiction treatment centre near Newmarket, Suffolk, where he sometimes worked.

In one call, he told Miss A: “I want you to open your legs.”

She put the phone down but he rang back with the same lewd request then a string of ‘vulgar’ calls she answered in case it was a genuine patient.

Miss A, by now ‘frightened and upset’ woke colleague Miss B. She took the phone and heard a ‘breathless, excited and panting’ Omara.

He said later he was ‘burping and retching and that there was no sexual gratification’, the tribunal heard.

He said he was calling for medication but was convicted in January of sending indecent communications.

He got 12 weeks and was referred to the General Medical Council whose tribunal goes on in Manchester.

Nadir Omara