Natalia Wilson

Daily Mail
Female prison psychiatrist who faked four character references to get a job is struck off after attacking lawyer prosecuting her at her medical tribunal claiming he used ‘discriminatory’ language
By Emily Jane Davies
June 12, 2024

— Excerpt

A female prison psychiatrist who faked four character references in a bid to get a job has been struck off – after she accused the lawyer prosecuting her of being ‘discriminatory’.

Consultant doctor Natalia Wilson, 53, turned on David Birrell and suggested he was being sexist towards women after he politely asked her to stop interrupting him during proceedings.

In a bizarre legal rant, Wilson claimed the experienced barrister ‘shouted at her in front of everybody’ and said he had used ‘discriminatory and abusive language’ towards her.

She then called for Mr Birrell, who has been presenting cases for the General Medical Council for a decade, to be replaced by another lawyer, saying that he had an undiagnosed mental health condition and posed a ‘high risk to female litigants.’

She further alleged the GMC itself had broken the law ’50 times’ during its investigation into her and suggested Mr Birrell see a psychiatrist saying he had ‘persecutory delusions’ about her…