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New trial opens for psychiatrist accused of sexual assault
By Kevin Martin
March 3rd, 2014

Psychiatrist Aubrey Levin

Psychiatrist Aubrey Levin

CALGARY ─ Suffering from depression, one to the point of being suicidal, two male patients were taken advantage of sexually by a prominent psychiatrist, court heard Monday.

In his opening address to a Calgary jury, Crown prosecutor Dallas Sopko detailed the case he and co-counsel Shane Parker hope to lead against Dr. Aubrey Levin.

Levin faces two charges of sexual assault in connection with incidents at his Calgary offices inside the Peter Lougheed Hospital.

Sopko said both men were being treated by Levin when the doctor took advantage.

A publication ban bars naming either man.

Sopko said the first complainant began seeing Levin in late 2008 after being sent to see him by the man’s probation officer.

“He will tell you that a majority of his meetings were in the late afternoon or evening when no one else was around,” Sopko said.

“(He) will tell you about two incidents where he was touched by the accused.”

Sopko said the first incident occurred on the patient’s first visit to see Levin, after their discussion turned to the issue of the patient not using protection during intercourse.

Levin then undid the man’s pants and began examining his penis, noting a black dot the doctor said could be cancerous melanoma, the prosecutor said.

“He will tell you that the accused then rubbed the dot and his penis for several minutes without wearing gloves,” Sopko said.

Despite raising the issue of cancer, Levin ordered no tests, or did any follow up, jurors were told.

A similar incident also occurred in late 2009, or early 2010, the prosecutor said.

The second patient began seeing Levin in late 2009 after a failed suicide attempt.

During their discussions, the patient mentioned his concerns about his partner’s possible infidelity and they spoke of sexually transmitted diseases.

At that point Levin led the man to a separate room where the doctor “stroked his penis” while the patient believed he was being examined for STDs.

The trial is scheduled to last three weeks.